A woman who had an abortion when she was a teen recently said, “All of this social media hate-talk about women who chose abortion has triggered my self-condemnation again. They don’t know my story…why I thought I had no other option”.  

Do these words sounds familiar? Are you or a friend triggered by the shaming of others?

There is so much in the media today with lawmakers debating about abortion.  People are talking about the recent popular movie, Unplanned, that highlighted the truth about abortion procedures inside clinics.

We can’t escape the topic.

For many years, you may have stuffed away those memories of your past.   All the details may now surface and your anxiety heightens.  Now, what do you do? You have a choice.

  1.  Work extra hard to run from the thoughts and feelings.
  2.  Allow the emotions to come, and contact someone who understands and cares.

Fear of rejection and shame may have kept you silent for years, but there are safe and caring women who will embrace you.

Your secret is safe within a Hearts Restored support group.  Everyone shares the same secret and commits to confidentiality for each other.

The “me too” about abortion can be a welcoming sound. You know you aren’t alone.  You know someone gets what you are going through.

Contact Sue Ketchum by phone at 812.567.3150 or by email about the next Healing After Abortion support group.

Men need healing, too.  Contact Don Stuart by phone at 812.720.0802 or by email to meet one-on-one.

**Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, Hearts Restored group studies are not meeting in person at this time. Please contact Sue at 812.567.3150 to learn about connecting with an online support person or group.