Overcoming Sexual Trauma

Clarity’s support group study for sexual trauma helps women realize the possibility to heal from the burden of shame and pain of sexual trauma.

You might have experienced childhood abuse, date rape, sexually inappropriate verbal, physical, or visual exposure.

All of that and more is called sexual abuse and misuse. It is the most intimate level of trauma. Many women tend to minimize or deny the effect of the incident(s).  It is time to stop burying feelings, suppressing the anger, and denying the traumatic impact on your life. Find strength and freedom when truth is revealed. You are not alone!  Compassionate and empathetic facilitators have experienced their own sexual trauma and understand you.

Helping Women Move Through

Hearts Restored: Overcoming Sexual Trauma is a recovery study and support group for women. Please make a confidential call or text to Karen at 812.341.5114 or email her. All groups are held online or in a confidential location. 

A Personal Letter to Women

“I struggled with anxiety, depression, worry, fear, and panic attacks for a number of years. I had tried various prescription medications but could never completely shake the heaviness and foreboding feelings that constantly hovered over me. I later found out all of these struggles are very common for the type of trauma I had endured.”