Clarity is committed to partnering with parents, educators and communities in empowering students with truth, facts and medically accurate data to achieve healthy lifestyles and healthy relationships.

My Best For You

Bringing parents and their upper elementary and middle school aged children together, My Best for You lays a foundation of truth for our sexuality. In fun, interactive and age appropriate ways families are equipped to guard their hearts, minds and bodies with honest, healthy Bible-based knowledge.

I Decide For Me

I Decide for Me is a respected and trusted curriculum which aids educators in meeting many of Indiana’s State Health Education Standards regarding the topic of sexual health.


Transformed is designed to equip adults and teens to have real and relevant discussions based on Biblical Truths and Principles. It consists of three sessions and a closing ceremony that are typically held over the course of 3-4 weeks.

Hearts Restored

Through Hearts Restored, Clarity offers support groups for women who have experienced abortion, sexual abuse, miscarriage and other reproductive loss, and codependency. Women meet with a small group or one-on-one, and process the emotions like shame, anger, regret, fear, or depression that often come after these experiences. Together, we can release the past emotional burden and begin to realize the new possibilities for freedom.

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Conquering Codependency

Do you have a deep-seated need for approval from others? Does your self worth depend on what others think about you? Perhaps you have a habit of taking on more work than you can realistically handle to earn praise or lighten a loved one’s burden. Maybe your tendency is to apologize or take on blame in order to keep the peace or avoid conflict, altogether. 

Healing After Abortion

The Healing After Abortion program points women and men toward grace and peace they have struggled to know. Our compassionate facilitators listen and help those who are experiencing unresolved grief over their past abortion choice.

Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Clarity’s support group studies for sexual abuse, help women and men realize the possibility to heal from the burden of shame and pain of sexual abuse. Past participants testify to feeling freedom after carrying the burden of their secret for so long.

Hope After Reproductive Loss

Hope After Reproductive Loss is a recovery study and support group for women designed to help provide healing after the loss of a child – miscarriage, stillborn birth, ectopic pregnancy, or early infant death.