Baby Bottle for Life Campaign Sign-Up

We are excited to have you join in our area wide Baby Bottle for Life Campaign! In additional to the number of bottles requested that can be filled with cash, checks and change, we will provide a QR code specifically for your church, business or organization to allow individuals to fill their Virtual Baby Bottle. 

You will also receive a download link prior to your campaign with all the promotional materials needed to engage your people in making a difference as we work together to lead women facing unplanned pregnancy to know You Matter!

Baby Bottle For Life Campaign Sign-Up

The annual area wide campaign for those able be a part of numerous churches & businesses coming together for the cause of life is starting on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 22, 2023. You are also welcome to hold a campaign at any time that fits your needs.

The inserts for each bottle are 1/2 sheet color inserts that include a giving link QR code specifically for your church or business.

For churches, or businesses including employees in their campaign, bottles are a great way to generate involvement from their phyisical representation. Businesses depending primarily on customer involvement should choose Virtual only. Businesses with a combination of employees and customers will benefit from Virtual with a small number of bottes for employees.

We prefer to process and count the contents of your returned bottles when possible to allow us to thank those providing checks or other information, but understand if you are required to count them. *Note: If your bank does not count bulk change for free, without rolling coins, we are able to do so.

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