Dear Friends,
We are eager to share the exciting transitions at Clarity! With our historic growth in serving 12,000 individuals in 2023 at Clarity, it is essential that our focus be on providing care for those needing the hope of life! Our mission and hope at Clarity is for every single individual and family that connects with our services to know, You Matter! As we consider those needs, we can see a significant barrier in the time needed from staff and the ever growing expense required by our large fundraising events.  To regain our focus on Clarity’s mission, the need to shift away from our annual banquets and large events has become evident.
These events have long been a favorite way for those of us at Clarity to connect with you and bring the community together. However, we are confident our many ministry partners do not support us because of an event, but because of the impact being made daily in real lives! We want to ensure we are the best possible stewards of your support.
Your support is more important now than ever. We’ve seen a 175% increase in the demand for our services, highlighting the importance of our work. If you usually donate at our banquets, we kindly ask that you maintain your pledge from last year. If you’re used to writing a check at the event, we ask that you consider donating that amount to us this year. Your support is critical to our success, and we appreciate every donation we receive.
We’re also introducing a new way for you to get involved! We’re looking for hosts to throw small, cozy home gatherings. You provide the space, and we’ll bring the conversation and opportunity to interact first hand right in your living room while supporting a great cause.
If you’re interested in being a host, please give us a call to schedule a gathering. We can’t wait to hear from you and work together to spread love and support in our communities.
Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can continue to make a difference!



Eric Allen



P.S. Check out a short video message about this change here: