Conquering Codependency

Your voice matters. You deserve to be valued. We will walk alongside you to help you overcome your fears of rejection, abandonment, or guilt.

Codepency is Crippling

Do you have a deep-seated need for approval from others? Does your self worth depend on what others think about you? Perhaps you have a habit of taking on more work than you can realistically handle to earn praise or lighten a loved one’s burden. Maybe your tendency is to apologize or take on blame in order to keep the peace or avoid conflict, altogether. 


If any or all of this describes you, you may be struggling with codependency. This study will help you recognize the painful problems of codependency and the compulsion to fix everyone and everything. It offers sound strategies that give hope and promise healing from the damage codependency can do to your life.

Join us for a 12-step approach, in-depth study, and care group. You will learn how to do things for yourself without feeling guilty, and give up fears of rejection or abandonment. Conquering Codependency is a faith-based study and care group for women. 

Confidential contact for women: call or text 812.379.3516 or email

Groups meet virtually or in a confidential location. 

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