Healing After Abortion

If you have ever experienced an abortion, or were part of the decision, you may feel alone. You may have taken all those memories and the feelings that come with them and stuffed them down, just hoping that they would go away. But they haven’t.

1/4 of American women will have an abortion by age 45

Did you know you are not alone? Most never talk about it. Most hide the secret and often silently struggle with their decision. If this sounds familiar to your story, we want you to know there is hope and healing. We are here to listen and to help you begin the healing journey.

Compassion & Care – Your Story Matters!

Clarity’s Healing After Abortion care groups provide support to women and men who have experienced abortion at some time in their lives, no matter how many years ago. Our care group mentors have ended pregnancies themselves, understand your feelings, and been trained to help others.

This is a safe place to find peace and move beyond the secret despair and pain.  Meet 1-on-1 or in a small group with others who have the same experiences.  The support for women and the help for men are confidentially led by those who personally understand.

Confidential contact for women: call or text 812.379.3516, or email CareGroups@claritycares.org

Confidential contact for men: call or text 812-764-9477, or email Healing4Men@claritycares.org

Options: 10-week faith-based or 6-week secular workbooks; virtual or confidential in-person location; small group or 1-on-1

A Letter to Women

“I went through a healing support group study in 2011. I was in denial for many years about how much my abortion affected my relationships – with my husband, with my son, with my friends, and parents. I stuffed my emotions. I was holding onto my anger deep down inside, had a low image of my self worth, and vowed never to reveal my secret to anyone. I was sure there would be judgment, condemnation, and rejection. Also, I saw no need to “deal with it”. I was doing just fine… I thought.”

A Letter to Men

To be able to process through the feelings and pain and regret and years of running was freeing and liberating. 

            I have spent the past 15 years continuing to pursue healing. I suspect that’s a perpetual journey of growth and self-discovery…