Unraveled Roots

Today’s painful emotional cycles and unhealthy choices can be tied to your past. To heal and find freedom, you must first unravel the roots of mindsets and behaviors that are contrary to the truth that You Matter.

A safe space to navigate through the burdens or pain of your past.

Learn the truth about your worth and value, as you unravel the roots of false beliefs. Clarity’s Hearts Restored mentors will walk alongside you to help identify what keeps you stuck. Explore the impact of others’ abuse, abandonment, addiction, and codependency (unhealthy attachment) in your life.

Exposing the hidden causes of damaging behaviors

You may be stuck in painful emotional cycles and confused about your behaviors regardless of how hard you try to break free. Trauma from childhood or past experiences can lay hidden in our hearts and minds.

A care group study can offer a safe place to expose the damage and reveal the impact. You are worthy of healing and freedom. It is time to identify the tangled roots and expose the damage. Your freedom and peace matters. We care and have been there ourselves. It is time for you to find healing and create a future of hope. 

Confidential contact for women: call or text 812.379.3516, or email CareGroups@claritycares.org

Confidential contact for men: call or text 812-764-9477, or email Healing4Men@claritycares.org

Continued Care Resources

Clarity is here for you on your journey towards healing. Click below for more resources to help you along the way.