Hope After Reproductive Loss

Losing a child brings a depth of hurt and pain that words cannot express. Your child matters, and your life matters.  Clarity offers a care group study for finding hope and peace after a reproductive loss – any type of miscarriage, stillborn birth, ectopic pregnancy, and/or early infant death.

Women and men need an outlet to express their loss and grief. 

Many times, loved ones and friends do not know how to talk about or even acknowledge your loss.  Suppressing thoughts and feelings takes energy, delays grief, and can cause emotional and behavioral stress.

Child loss is traumatic. Healing is available.

Unresolved grief can lead to depression, worthlessness, nightmares, crying spells, irritability, relationship struggles, anxiety, lack of concentration at work, numbing of feelings, and physical medical issues.

A small care group offers a safe place to heal from the heartbreak of losing a child.  Peace and freedom can be found while healing with other women who understand and validate each other’s pain.  Understand your triggers, identify your emotions, and discover peace and reconciliation for your heart and mind. It is OK to feel your pain, share it, and get help for it.

Hope After Reproductive Loss offers an 8-week recovery workbook and care group for women or men.


Confidential contact for women: call or text 812.379.3516, or email CareGroups@claritycares.org

Confidential contact for men: call or text 812-764-9477, or email Healing4Men@claritycares.org

Options: virtual or confidential in-person location; group or 1-on-1.

A Letter To Women

“Have you walked down a similar path? Have you made the exciting announcement that you are expecting only to find out there is no heartbeat? Did you carry your baby to term only to find out she is still? Whether your baby was ectopic, stillborn, premature, or a miscarriage, it is still a loss. Our hopes and dreams have been shattered. The grief is almost unbearable and heavy. How can we move forward? Will we be able to have more? Grief is hard but you don’t have to go through it alone.”

Continued Care Resources

Clarity is here for you on your journey towards healing. Click below for more resources to help you along the way.