I Decide For Me

Clarity is committed to partnering with parents, educators and communities in empowering students with truth, facts and medically accurate data to achieve healthy lifestyles and healthy relationships.

The Right Education

A course that meets students where they are

Having reached over 7,600 students in 2019, Clarity’s I Decide for Me educational programs continue to partner with over 75 schools throughout South Central Indiana by presenting in 6th grades, middle schools and high schools. I Decide for Me is a respected and trusted curriculum which aids educators in meeting many of Indiana’s State Health Education Standards regarding the topic of sexual health.

The age-appropriate programming engages students with multi-media, interactive presentations which challenge students to explore the choices and consequences of sexual decision making.


An Encouraging Education

Based on the facts presented, students will be empowered to make healthy choices which will result in living a life of sexual integrity. Every student deserves to know they are valuable, worth protecting and worth respecting.

IDFM curriculum uses matched pre and post surveys to confirm changes in attitude and knowledge for the purpose of measuring the program’s effectiveness. Each IDFM curriculum encompasses age appropriate key components which factually address choices and consequences by:

    • Teaching that abstaining from sexual activity until marriage is the healthiest lifestyle choice
    • Teaching a holistic perspective (physical, emotional, mental, ethical, and social)
    • Teaching students to identify and discuss key topics with trusted, go-to adults
    • Teaching the importance of self imposed, preset boundaries
    • Teaching students by use of multimedia, interactive and engaging presentations

    6th Grade

    IDFM 6th grade curriculum is a three day, 50 minute program that empowers students to identify healthy and unhealthy choices. This program provides the foundational skills of fact finding, decision making and boundary setting related to the medical model of health and sexual integrity. The program discusses and defines the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) six critical health behaviors, and educates students on the progression of puberty. However, the curriculum content is written to protect the innocence of the students without giving too much information on the topic of sexual activity.

    Middle School

    IDFM Middle School curriculum is a four day, 50 minute program that builds on key foundational skills of fact finding, decision making and boundary setting related to the medical model of health and sexual integrity. The concept of forward thinking is developed by teaching that lifestyle outcomes are dependent on current health choices. This program explores the persuasiveness of social media and the entertainment industry on the decision making process, as well as the social and emotional influences. The identification of healthy, trusted adults is also reaffirmed.

    High School

    IDFM High School curriculum is a four day, 50 minute or two day, 90 minute program which aids students in identifying long term goals and gives them concrete illustrations to achieve those goals. Media exposure and portrayal of relationships are analyzed. Teen pregnancy rates and Sexually Transmitted Infection rates are discussed along with the immeasurable holistic consequences of intimacy outside of marriage. This program gives students hope for a solid, healthy future, regardless of past choices.