Back in the fall of 2012 our board of directors gathered for a retreat to dream about the future of Pregnancy Care Centers of South Central Indiana. We asked “What would look like if we were fulfilling our greatest possibilities”? As we analyzed our strengths and weaknesses, and looked at new opportunities we created a conference room full of sheets of paper with amazing ideas. It was exhilarating and exhausting.

Then the work began. We waded through all those ideas, organizing them and coming up with priorities and a plan to implement those dreams over the next several years. One of the first things that became evident as we looked at the grand scope of those plans was this; an organization fulfilling all those dreams was no longer just a pregnancy center. We needed a new brand identity to carry the weight of that work.

We knew implementing a new brand was more than picking a new name and changing our signs, and we knew we needed help to do it well. So we contacted Rocky Mountain Media Group because they had assisted other organizations like ours through the process.

They visited us here in South Central Indiana so they could learn about what makes our organization unique by interviewing our staff, board, volunteers and clients. They visited our centers and the communities we serve and went back to Colorado to work on developing a brand that both captured our current identity and laid the groundwork for our future.

From the large number of potential names, we narrowed our final list to three.
We took those options to universities in both Indiana and Colorado, interviewing over 100 people around the campuses, collecting their thoughts on what those names communicated.We wanted to make sure the new name appealed to our target audience and was comfortable and inviting for the people who most need our services. We wanted a brand that conveyed insight and optimism, a name that speaks to clients aspirations and appeals to their desire to envision a future filled with possibilities.

We wanted a name that could convey hope to the pregnant teen as well as the senior citizen who had made an abortion decisions. We needed something that would connect with the high school student as well as their parents who are trying to figure out how to communicate about the awkward topic of sexuality. And we needed a name that could also convey hope and possibilities as our organization leans toward the future of helping men and women with more complex needs to navigate all the resources throughout our region that are available to them beyond what we can offer.

As we considered all the options and the feedback from our focus groups, we discovered Clarity. And though our name is changing to more accurately reflect or current and future services, our core values are not. We will still be providing the same quality care at our seven locations throughout South Central Indiana.

At Clarity our promise is simple. We will listen. We will help people look beyond their current circumstances to see the possibilities available to them. We will offer hope and restoration; not only believing in the potential within each individual, but coming alongside and giving them the help and guidance they need to move toward those possibilities.