Did you know that your happiness and overall well-being is directly linked to your health? When prompted to think about health most people immediately think of physical health. However, there is much more to consider.  You could say, “There’s more to me than what I see.”

Clarity’s services and educational programming are unique in that we focus on supporting people in a holistic way.  We are equally concerned about every aspect of a person’s health; not simply content to educate/aid physically.  This focus leads to a much healthier approach which leads to a much healthier person.

While it is true physical health is vitally important to our overall well-being, to lead a fulfilling life one must also focus on mental, emotional, social and ethical health as well.  These are the facets that make a person whole.

Intentional living and self-discipline are required aspects of leading a healthy life.   These skills are like muscles, the more they are used the easier it gets.  How intentional are you about making healthy decisions, and how much discipline do you exert toward your holistic health?

Here is a little quiz to help you assess your efforts. Check all of the statements that apply to you.


[ ]  I eat healthy, balanced meals regularly

[ ]  I get 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly

[ ]  I sleep approximately 8 hours every night

[ ]  I take 10,000 steps every day


[ ]  I spend more than one hour per week participating in spiritual activities

[ ]  I am optimistic about my future

[ ]  I resolve conflict nonviolently

[ ]  I have set high standards for myself and others


[ ]   I read daily to add to my knowledge

[ ]   I am purposeful to limit daily the amount of time I spend with media/social media

[ ]   I have future goals and plans

[ ]   I make daily decision with my future goals/plans in mind


[ ]   I spend time on a regular basis with friends I trust and admire

[ ]   I spend time daily with a loved one

[ ]   I regularly spend time with a group/club of like-minded individuals

[ ]   I easily empathize with others


[ ]   I am intentional to limit negative self-talk

[ ]   I have a positive outlook regarding my life and future

[ ]   Generally, I am proud of my behavior

[ ]   I am able to control angry/frustrated feelings, so I don’t say things I later regret

Where could you be more deliberate in taking control of your health?  Be intentional to find resources to aid you in strengthening identified weaknesses in areas from the quiz above.  You can do it! And Clarity is here to cheer you on!