“I never knew how much the sexual abuse in my past impacted so much of my life.  I can now see how my false beliefs from that trauma influenced decisions that I made. Relationships were difficult – I never wanted anyone close enough to learn about the shameful things that happened to me.  I never felt worthy of being loved and cherished.  I always felt damaged and used – dirty and abused.”*

Clarity’s support group studies, offered through Hearts Restored, help women and men realize the possibility to heal from the burden of shame and pain of sexual abuse.  Past participants testify to feeling freedom after carrying the burden of their secret for so long.  Others grieve their innocence lost, yet find healing and peace.  Depression and anxiety lessen, as joy creeps back into wounded hearts.

“I appreciated the confidentiality that the group offered. My privacy was protected, but I loved getting to know others that shared common fears, confessed similar ways to cope, and expressed the same feelings.”*

Whether you have experienced childhood abuse; teenage date rape; sexually inappropriate verbal, physical, or visual exposure; or coercion from a partner or spouse – all of that and more is called sexual abuse and misuse.  Many men and women tend to minimize or deny the effect of the incident(s). It is time to stop burying the feelings, suppressing the anger, and hiding the truth.  There is freedom, when truth is revealed.  You are not alone! Compassionate facilitators have walked in your shoes and understand you.

Hearts Restored: Overcoming Sexual Abuseis a recovery study and support group for women.  Make a confidential call or text to Sue at 812.567.3150 or by email. New groups will begin in February – daytime and evening hours.

Hearts Restored: Overcoming Sexual Abuse is for men, too.  Don can lead you through the healing study one-on-one.   Make a confidential call or text to Don at 812.720.0802 or by email.

*past participant in a women’s Overcoming Sexual Abuse recovery study.