Ultrasound scans are considered a safe procedure for pregnancies and have been used as a tool for many years.  Ultrasound scans typically are not painful, although you may feel pressure or discomfort. At Clarity, we offer limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm viable pregnancy, after a pregnancy test has shown positive.

When you come in to Clarity for an ultrasound scan, it is best that you come with a full bladder.  You will be lying on your back during the scan and the sonographer will apply warm gel to the lower abdomen.  The sonographer will then slide the abdominal probe around applying gentle pressure.  With a full bladder this can sometimes be uncomfortable, but should not be painful. If the images are clear, pictures and measurements can be easily taken to help confirm the viability of your pregnancy.

If the ultrasound scans are not clear, the sonographer may suggest switching from an abdominal (outside) scan to a transvaginal (inside) scan. You will be asked to give approval for the transvaginal scan, and most often a transvaginal scan is suggested when a pregnancy is earlier than expected, but can be helpful in other situations as well. You will be given privacy to undress from the waist down and instruction to cover with a disposable sheet. The sonographer will slide the transvaginal probe inside the vagina and up against the cervix. This should not be painful, but again most clients do experience mild pressure. The images from this scan are typically more clear, allowing for better pictures and measurements to be obtained.

At Clarity, we perform limited obstetrical ultrasounds to confirm that your pregnancy is a viable pregnancy. There are three markers we look for when performing an ultrasound at Clarity:

  1. We want to confirm the pregnancy is located in the uterus.
  2. We want to confirm if this is a viable pregnancy. (Are we able to confirm a heart rate?)
  3. We want to determine an accurate due date.

Getting a lab quality pregnancy test and a limited obstetrical ultrasounds are the first steps you can take in making informed choices for your health. To schedule an appointment, please contact your nearest Clarity location today.