First things first: Let’s establish that you are indeed pregnant.

Please visit your closest Clarity Pregnancy Services center as soon as possible!

You do not need a parent with you to visit. The test is done at no cost to you, and is completely confidential which means that no one working at the center will release information about you (except if/when required by state law to contact the proper authorities in the case if a client is under 14, homicidal, suicidal, being sexually abused, is under 16 and sexual partner is 18 or older.)

You will be met by caring, trained folks who love what they do! They will help you make the best choices for you. They will not judge you, this is the stuff they do everyday. You will be in the very best hands!

If for some reason, you are unable to get to the center on your own, please talk with a trusted adult in your life that will point you in the healthiest direction. That person may be your school nurse, a teacher, or a mentor.

For the address and phone number of the center closest to you, click on the CONTACT link. Hope you will call or come in soon AND put your mind at ease! You will be so glad you did!