If you are pregnant and considering adoption, know that adoption is a beautiful option. You are a brave and selfless woman for even exploring the possibilities!

There are many options/decisions you are allowed to make through the adoption process. You can pick the circumstances, values and family your child will be raised in. You can have as much contact with your child as you choose through an open adoption, or if you feel the best option is for no contact, you can choose to have a closed adoption. You are always in the “driver’s seat” as you consider adoption for you and your child.

At Clarity, we have brochures, DVD’s and websites to share with you as you explore the possibility of adoption. As you are comfortable, we can then refer you to several great adoption agencies that can answer your questions and concerns.  You can even make that first call to them from Clarity with a client advocate at your side. The agency representative will not pressure you either way, but will simply want to get to know you and your story.

If it would be helpful to talk with someone who has been in your shoes and gone through the adoption process, we also have some client advocates who would love to share their adoption experiences with you.

Please contact or stop by your nearest Clarity location to get more information on adoption. We would love to connect you with an adoption agency, if that is your desire. Above all, we hope for you to have great peace and clarity about this decision you are making.  Adoption is a beautiful and sacrificial parenting option you can make for your child to provide the best life possible for them.