You might be wondering why Clarity even offers a post-abortion recovery study. Wasn’t that a choice a woman made? What is there to recover from anyways?

The dictionary definition of recovery is “to restore to a healthier state or to repair after a loss or injury“. After leaving the abortion clinic, many women are wounded – emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. It may take years for the reality of their loss to surface and be recognized.

The wound left after an abortion can be so deep that it is difficult to process and talk about. As a result, many women try to stuff their negative emotions and memories, ignoring any heartfelt pain. They work hard to try to forget the memory of the sounds and smells of the clinic, the physical trauma experienced, and the reality of the procedure. They don’t want to accept the reality that they have lost their child. Some may turn to alcohol, drugs, and other addictions to mask the potential pain.

Most of the time a mother (and father) have never grieved because they feel no permission to do so. Therefore they live in silent pain.

There cannot be healing until they grieve their loss.

That’s where Clarity’s powerful Hearts Restored recovery study steps in. There are steps to grief, and Hearts Restored: Healing After Abortion offers a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental place to walk through those steps.

Our facilitators, many of whom once buried their painful abortion secret, recovered and found healing, will gently and compassionately walk a man or woman through the steps of grief. Recovery provides freedom from inner turmoil and desperate shame. Recovery helps participants let go of unworthiness and hopelessness. Recovery restores the heart.

For more information on how you or someone you know can receive confidential help at no cost, contact Sue at 812-567-3150 or via email. Because we know men suffer too as a result of pressuring their girlfriends or because they didn’t even know about the pregnancy until after the abortion occurred, men’s study groups are also available. Contact Don at 812-720-0802 or via email.