Due to the busyness of life and our commitment to a multitude of activities, we are presented times where we leave our children in the hands of someone we trust. Perhaps it is work responsibilities or the weekly Friday night date that draws us away. Despite the reasoning, whenever we ask others to care for our children, we put faith in them that they will protect our most precious possessions. Finding a great sitter can sometimes feel stressful, but when we do, we are given peace of mind whenever we leave home. Listed below are a few thoughts to consider when searching for a great sitter and to ensure expectations are clear.

How much are you willing to pay, and how much may they be asking for? Is it reasonable in consideration with what you are asking of them?

How frequently will you need them? What does of the week will they be available?

Special skills
Is the sitter certified in safety procedures? Do they know how to perform CPR or basic medical attention your child may require?

Potential tasks
Will they be able and willing to assist with homework, cooking, transportation, etc.?

Past work history
Does their previous work or sitter experience demonstrate reliability, timeliness, and dependability?

Ask them how engaged they plan to be with the children
What activities will they plan for free and unstructured time?

If you are unfamiliar with the sitter or if they were not recommended to you, ask the sitter for 2-3 references, and follow up with them.

There’s no such thing as a perfect person; therefore, there is no such thing as a perfect sitter. However, if you find someone that you trust, is dependable, you know will love and care for your children, and is able to meet your clear expectations, then you’ve hit the sitter jackpot! Your children are special gifts you have been entrusted with, and a great sitter will understand that as well.