Have you ever shared something important and personal with someone in confidence to later find out they shared your information with someone else? It can be devastating! That’s why we want you to know how important respecting and guarding your personal information is to all of us here at Clarity and share our confidentiality guidelines.

Anything you share with our staff is confidential unless we are required by law to report it (see below). We are often asked, “Are you going to tell my parents I came for a pregnancy test?” and the answer to that is we will not contact your parents or anyone else unless the law requires us to do so. We will encourage communication with your parents if at all possible, but what you share with us is yours alone to share with others outside of our walls.

Here is a list of situations where Clarity is required by state law to report: If a client is

  • Homicidal.
  • Suicidal.
  • Under 18 years old and being sexually or physically abused.
  • Under 16 years old and sexual partner is 18 years old or older.
  • Under 14 years of age regardless of age of sexual partner.
  • Subject to having his/her records subpoenaed by a law enforcement agency.

These guidelines are for your protection.

When you visit Clarity Pregnancy Services we will ask for permission to follow-up with you if you have a positive pregnancy test. This can be through phone, text, email or mail; whatever you prefer. Gaining that permission keeps you in control of the level of contact you would or would not like to receive from us. We are here to help you and part of that help is promising confidentiality to you. We value the trust you place in us by allowing us to serve you at Clarity Pregnancy Services.