When teenagers learn to drive, most parents strap on a great amount of patience and resolve. Parents typically quiz their children on the laws of driving to ensure they understand the material well. They become their biggest cheerleader when their child achieves the goal of getting their driver’s license! Don’t most parents give their children the guidance, direction, and gift of believing in them when the time comes for them to make such important decisions?

We don’t typically focus on teaching our student drivers how to minimize the damage of a future crash. Doing so would make it appear as though we assume a crash is inevitable. Rather, we focus on helping our teens learn and understand the skills needed to be a successful driver.

Likewise, we must give our teenagers successful life skills to make healthy and wise choices. We must not assume they are going to fail to do so.

Clarity of South Central Indiana believes in equipping our community with the education needed to allow individuals to make healthy sexual decisions. Complete with truth, facts, and medically accurate data, we aim to empower and equip people to make the healthiest, best choices, not compromising ones.

If you would like more information about Clarity’s educational program or how you can be involved in this life-changing work, please call us at 1-866-510-5067.

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