Prom is an exciting time…beautiful dresses, handsome tuxes, great food, fun music, and dancing with friends. What a way to end a long school year and for some, a high school career.

While prom can be a lot of fun, it can also be a bit stressful as you figure out, “How should I do my hair?”, “Should I get her a corsage?” or “Where are we going to go for dinner?” And depending on who your date is, your peers and our society in general can put a lot of pressure on expectations for the evening after the dance.

Before the big night, we here at Clarity want to help you think through your choices so your night is memorable and honoring to your date, while also honoring to your future spouse!

Here are some quick tips for a great evening:

  • Treat your date how you’d hope someone is treating your future spouse on his/her prom night
  • Open the door for your date, and express gratitude when he/she does that for you
  • Sincerely compliment something specific about our your date
  • Choose a character quality of your date and tell him/her you admire that quality, how you noticed it and why that quality stands out to you
  • Don’t worry about the other prom-goers and get distracted checking them out. Show respect and honor to your date by being present
  • On that same note, put down your phone. Let your date know he/she is a priority by putting it away and spending time with him/her
  • Converse with your prom date!  Ask his/her thoughts on the music, decorations, plans for the summer, etc.
  • Enjoy the night with friends. If your school has an after prom party—go! It’s a great way to visit with people you may not see again while also taking any pressure off of any physical expectations for the night

Enjoy the night with your friends and make memories that are honoring to your future. If you have questions about how to handle things with your date, Talk to Taylor!