Did you know January is Human Trafficking awareness month? Do you know some of the red-flag behaviors you should watch for regarding this illegal trade? Here are some things to look for to identify possible victims of sex trafficking:

  • excess cash, but no job
  • has expensive grooming habits with no job (hair professionally done, nails professionally done, expensive clothing, shoes, technology)
  • lack of stable housing
  • controlling dating partner
  • displays fear, depression, anxiety
  • change in normal behavior
  • substance abuse
  • low self-esteem, dating a very confident partner

It is not only strangers who solicit/recruit people into the sex-trafficking trade. Only 9% of sex traffickers are strangers to their victim. Immediate family members account for 36% sex traffickers and 27% sex traffickers are in a romantic relationship with the victim.

Some sex traffickers build relationship with, flatter and ask for explicit photos of their victims and then use those photos to blackmail the victim into acts of sex trafficking. This is just one of the many reasons why you should NEVER send explicit photos to anyone.

If you feel vulnerable to becoming a victim, or know someone who is, text BeFree (233733) or visit Polaris Project.