Dating can be fun AND romantic without being sexual. Yes, you read that right! Its counter cultural to describe anything as romance without the word sexy thrown in there somewhere but many young couples are finding that with determination and a little creativity there’s plenty of fun to be had. The following are some ideas beyond the obvious to get you started. Some dates cost more than others, but there is something to fit every budget.

Now, one disclaimer before we get started, most of these are going to include at least one other couple or a couple of friends to pull off. There really is safety in numbers. But don’t worry, they each include time for just the two of you – just in public places.

The Goodwill date $$$ (depending on dinner location)

Two couples meet or drive to the local thrift shop. Each couple has twenty bucks to spend to purchase outfits for the other couple they must then wear to go out to eat. Adds a little twist to the traditional dinner date.

Baseball fans $$- $$$

Tickets to his favorite team’s game or even just the local farm team can be a great date. Pretzels, Hotdogs, Cotton candy, ice cream and doing the chicken dance…for most that is a recipe for a good time. However, the season is short and you can’t always fork over the change for tickets but you can do the next best thing; weather permitting. This one requires a little packing and planning but it’s worth the effort. Throw some hotdogs and sodas in a cooler and pack a picnic basket full of all the fixings plus some charcoal and your favorite teams blanket and head on over to the local batting cages. After an intense death match, either grill the hotdogs on a park grill if available or bring along a small portable grill and roast away. Enjoy a picnic, maybe some Frisbee, play some tunes on Pandora and lie on your backs and guess what the clouds shapes are or dream about the future.

Scavenger Hunt $

You and your date and either another couple or two OR a group of friends divide into two or more teams. Each team is given a paper and pencil and devises a list of ten photos for the other team to take. Make this a central location within walking distance of an ice cream parlor. The last team to collect their pictures and arrive at the ice cream parlor buys the winner ice cream.

Others $- $$$

In the summer there’s lots to do that will keep you both focused, busy and enjoying each other’s company without any pressure by remaining outdoors and in public spaces. Putt-putt, fishing, canoeing or kayaking, longboarding, swimming, hiking a trail or bicycle riding (check into if your city has a rental bike program, those can be fun and take you for a tour of local attractions). If the temperatures dip or it’s raining, there’s still plenty to do indoors like a good ole movie, laser tag, bowling, ice skating, roller-skating, or Sky zone (trampoline park).Try your hand at pottery painting or visit a museum. Maybe learn something new and enroll in a class together like painting, ballroom dancing, or cooking. The point is to spend time getting to know each other- true intimacy is really pronounced “in -to- me -see”. See past the physical and get to know the real person inside.