As 2016 comes to a close and we take a moment to reflect on this past year, we can’t help but give thanks for all of you who make this work possible. Because of our selfless volunteers and generous financial partners we are able to faithfully serve our communities, helping individuals to realize the possibilities for their future.

Because of your partnership, these are just a few examples of the lives that have been touched through Clarity:

  • After participating in the I Decide For Me program, a 14 year-old girl stated, “I’m in a sexual relationship and I talked to my partner and we have both agreed to stop. Thank you very much for having such a big impact in my life.”
  • Caroline*, a Hearts Restored participant, had a hard heart when she first came to the study. After participating, she told us, “I have forgiven myself, my boyfriend at the time, and my mother for taking me to the clinic. The study has influenced every other decision I have made in every aspect of my life. Forgiveness brings peace and joy.”
  • Jamie* came in to Clarity Pregnancy Services suspecting she was pregnant and nervous about how she would care for a child. “Thank you all so much for your kindness,” Jamie said. “It made things a little easier and helped with my worries. Thanks!”

To those who come to us for services, it has been our joy and honor to serve you. To those who gave of your time and talents to serve, thank you for investing in the transformation of lives. We look forward to 2017 and the continued impact we can make together!

*names changed for confidentiality